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Daphne Dog Park

Daphne Dog Park in Daphne Alabama

There are many different ways to spend your Sunday afternoon with your dog, and the Daphne Dog Park in this area has it all. It has small dog sections, drinking fountains, and a washing station, just to name a few. Here are some tips to help you enjoy your day with your furry friend! Read on for more information about this dog park! It’s definitely a place to visit for all dog lovers!

Daphne Dog Park

Located in Daphne Alabama, the Daphne Dog Park is a great spot for your four-legged friends to play and socialize. Located on Whispering Pines Road, the park is close to the city’s Trione Sports Complex. The park offers an off-leash area for small breed dogs, as well as a wash station and drinking fountains. Open daily from sunrise to sunset, the park provides a safe, clean place for your pet to play.

Small dog area

The Daphne Dog Park is located near the Al Trione Sports Complex. The facility is a large field that has been designated by the city of Daphne as a dog park where dogs can run and play off-leash. The park has a large parking lot adjacent to it, and is enclosed with high chain-link fencing. Two double-gated staging areas are located inside the dog park. Dogs must remain on leash while in these areas. The Daphne Dog Park also has a section reserved for small breeds (under 25 pounds).

Drinking fountains

Drinking fountains are an essential part of any dog park. Whether you’re trying to make a neighborhood park a more dog-friendly place to go with your pup, or simply want to add a little extra fun, water fountains are the perfect addition. There are several locations throughout the city where you can get one, including dog parks in Daphne, Alabama. The drinking fountains, spray fire hydrants, and pet wash stations are all made of rust-resistant stainless steel. The fountains are available for immediate shipping and customization.

Washing station

The City of Daphne has designated an area in its dog park for off-leash dog exercise. It has a large parking area adjacent to the dog park and is enclosed with high chain-link fencing. The dog park is divided into two staging areas, one for small breeds and one for larger dogs. When bringing a dog to the dog park, be sure to keep it on a leash, but not too long. The dog park is well-maintained and offers water fountains and poop bag dispensers.


If you’re looking for a park that allows your dog to run off-leash and socialize with other dogs, the Daphne Dog Park is a great option. Located near Whispering Pines Road in Daphne, Alabama, the Daphne Dog Park is a large field that the City of Alabaster has designated as an off-leash exercise area for dogs. The park is enclosed with high chain link fencing, and features two double-gated staging areas for your pup’s comfort. Be sure to keep your dog on a leash while he’s in the off-leash areas.

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